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All publishing inquiries can be sent to Steven Malk at
All event requests (festivals, signings, or panels) can be sent to


Do you do school or library visits?
Yes I do! I love visiting schools and libraries. If you’d like me to stop by, please send your email to and your request will be forwarded to LB School & Library.

Do you sell prints or original artwork?
I currently do not sell any prints or original artwork. However, I do often give away free prints at my book signings. Please keep up with my social media (Instagram / Twitter) if you are interested in snagging one.

Will you sign my book if I ship it to you? Unfortunately I currently do not have an address to send books for signing. However, there is a fabulous RI independent bookstore called Books on the Square. You can purchase any of my books through them and have them shipped to you. Just put your personalization request in your order and they’ll get in touch with me. Please check my social media (Instagram / Twitter) for upcoming book signings. I might be in your area!

How do you pronounce your first name?

Oge is pronounced “oh-GAY”.

Why is there no stew recipe in the back matter for Thank You, Omu! ?
I get this question a lot. Not including a stew recipe in the back matter was a conscious decision on my part. I wanted it to be clear that Thank You, Omu! isn’t about food, but gratitude. You can read more about my explanation for this here.

Have another question or a message for me?
Feel free to reach out!
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